Welcome to TaxFootprintUSA!

As we approach Tax Day 2012, have you ever wondered what your REAL Tax Footprint is?

Your Tax Footprint is a combination of your federal and state income taxes, plus the sales taxes you pay. It also includes a myriad of hidden taxes, excise taxes, city taxes, state taxes, hidden taxes and more.

Taxes are necessary to provide certain infrastructure, protection and the means to operate our government. At TaxFootprintUSA, we recommend and expect all followers to pay their taxes according to the law. We believe taxes are necessary to the governance of a free society.

That said, we also feel strongly we have the obligation to hold our elected officials accountable to the fiduciary obligation they have taken to uphold the constitution and spend our money wisely.

After all, it is OUR money.

Our elected officials may be the stewards of our money but it is us, the general public who have the responsibility to ensure they spend it as specified by our Constitution.

Join us here each day to learn more about taxation and how it affects us all. Learn more about where your hard earned dollars go and judge for yourself whether your money is being spent wisely.

Welcome to TaxFootprintUSA!

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