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Elizabeth Warren Supports Buffett Rule, But Opts Out of Paying ‘Voluntary’ Higher Taxes

Hypocrisy is out there everywhere. You don’t even have to look for it these days. Found the entry below at Check it out. The gal is a self-described unapologetic patriot and we support her First Amendment rights and thank her and all our fighting men and women for their service! Elizabeth Warren Supports Buffett … Continue reading

Liberals and Conservatives – Sound Off

As election season begins to gear up, we want to gather your feedback on why you vote the way you do. It’s a fascinating discussion. Do you align more with your party of choice or do you vote against the other party? Don’t be a coward. Come clean. Do you vote for one or against … Continue reading

Strangely Hypnotic

This from Artemis Capital Management. We don’t know WTS it really means except their interns and junior management probably have a little too much time on their hands. Regardless, we find it strangely hypnotic and a good piece of video production. $50 gift card to Retweet with best comment. Expires 4/19/12. Do you know YOUR … Continue reading

As Tax Day Deadline Draws Near, This Will Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out

According to statistics compiled from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by the Tax Foundation, people who didn’t pay any income tax will $105 billion in refundable tax credits from the IRS. Further, the same report goes on to show the bloated and onerous federal tax code 3.5 times LONGER than all seven books of the Harry Potter … Continue reading

Be Careful People – The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Reuters is reporting that a record number of US citizens have renounced citizenship. Last year, almost 1,800 people renounced their U.S. citizenship or handed in their Green Cards. That’s a record number since the Internal Revenue Service began publishing a list of those who renounced in 1998. It’s also almost eight times more than the … Continue reading

98k Federal Employees Owe $1 Billion in Back Taxes

Senator Scott Brown of MA is pushing a new bill that he said would make it easier to collect back taxes from federal workers and members of Congress. According to CNN, 98,000 federal employees owed a combined $1 billion in back taxes and members and employees of the U.S. Senate alone owed over $2 million. A simple consumption sales … Continue reading

A 1.1 Trillion Dollar Windfall

Tax day 2012. Have you filed your tax return yet? Do you know your REAL Tax Footprint? Your tax footprint includes income taxes (federal and state). It also includes, sales taxes, death taxes, licenses, fees and permits; liquor taxes, tobacco taxes, firearms taxes, payroll taxes, inflation, gas taxes, property taxes and more. Today, the federal … Continue reading

Happy Tax Day America

Today is the day most Americans are required to file their personal federal income tax return. Projections indicate the federal government will take in a total of 2.3 trillion dollars this year in tax receipts. They will then turn around and spend 3.6 trillion dollars on Social Services, Defense, Discretionary Spending (ahem, can you say … Continue reading

Mountain Of Paperwork – #TimeForTaxOverhaul

On the eve of Tax Day 2012, this from the National Taxpayers Union: The current paperwork burden generated by the Treasury Department is about 6.38 billion hours. That’s equivalent to 3.19 million employees working 40-hour weeks: nearly as many people as work at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Target, and Kroger combined and more than triple the combined employees … Continue reading

Some Not So Common Sense Coming Out of the Fed

Longtime critic of the status quo at the Fed, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, stated recently that he believes the nation’s finances are being severely mishandled by the U.S. government and the banking industry. In an article published yesterday on, Fisher goes on to say, “we cannot continue to do what we’ve … Continue reading