Entitlement Culture, Government Fraud, Government Waste, Out of Control Spending

This Will Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out #SayNoToGovernmentWaste

A microcosm of the entitlement culture of our elected officials and our federal employees summed up in one well written article.

The leaders of our federal funded Public Service Agency spent more than $800,000 on a Las Vegas boondoggle and then proceeded to rub the public’s nose in it.

One official even joked about how much was spent at a party hosted by the agency’s commissioner. Another employee, in a mock music video, sang about how he’d “never be under OIG investigation.” OIG stands for Office of Inspector General — the office that earlier this week released the bombshell report that triggered firings at the agency that held the conference.


Is there any wonder that we are on the verge of financial collapse? Where is the outcry from our elected leaders?

We need fiscally conservative leadership now more than ever.

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