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Some Not So Common Sense Coming Out of the Fed

Longtime critic of the status quo at the Fed, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, stated recently that he believes the nation’s finances are being severely mishandled by the U.S. government and the banking industry.

In an article published yesterday on, Fisher goes on to say, “we cannot continue to do what we’ve been doing. If we monetize the debt, if we bail out those that have accumulated debt with inflation by debasing dollar, we will have failed in our duty.”

The video below illustrates very clearly just how much of a mess we are in. And it is your tax dollars that are being wasted to the tune of $4.2 billion dollars every day.

The debt ceiling argument will make headlines again soon and you can bet the current administration and The Fed will be clamoring to raise the debt ceiling yet again.

Sadly, when this video was made, we were just 14 trillion dollars in debt. Today, we owe $15.6 trillion.

And yep – every one of those dollars were once ours. At least those that weren’t created with a swift stroke of Ctrl-P.

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