US Taxes

A 1.1 Trillion Dollar Windfall

Tax day 2012. Have you filed your tax return yet? Do you know your REAL Tax Footprint?

Your tax footprint includes income taxes (federal and state). It also includes, sales taxes, death taxes, licenses, fees and permits; liquor taxes, tobacco taxes, firearms taxes, payroll taxes, inflation, gas taxes, property taxes and more.

Today, the federal government will de facto rake in almost 1.1 trillion dollars in personal income taxes.

Ideally, these monies would be spent wisely. You worked hard for your money and you should expect nothing less.

Sadly, much of it will go to paying the interest on our 15.7 trillion dollars in national debt, extravagant parties for elected officials and federal bureaucrats and for entitlements designed to win the votes of those who depend on the government dole.

2012 is an election year and it is every citizens’ obligation to vote.

Do some research this year and vote with your head – instead of your heart.

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