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Freedom Police Banging Their Wardrums Again

The Drudge Report has a story about a movement to charge additional taxes on food and beverage items deemed “unhealthy”. Will the insanity ever end? Probably not. It started with helmet laws, then seatbelt laws, then public smoking laws and more. The cows are out of the barn I’m afraid – and it’s our own damn … Continue reading

Fedzilla Roars

Quoting an old Okie, “How much rice can a damn Chinaman eat?” It applies to our federal government and the profligate spenders in Congress. They just can’t get enough. See, Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook and originally citizen of Brazil, became a US citizen in 1998. But after graduating from Harvard, he moved to Singapore … Continue reading

A Concern For All Who Treasure Liberty

Freedom of speech as guaranteed by the first amendment speaks directly to government’s ability to infringe on our rights. However, given Google’s ties to the federal government, the deletion of another conservative blog on Google’s Blogger site should be a grave concern to all of us who treasure freedom and liberty. Google Shuts Down Another … Continue reading

Americans Pay More In Taxes than for Food, Clothing and Shelter Combined

The Tax Foundation is reporting that this year Americans will pay more than $150BB more in taxes than they will on personal necessities. How sad is that? You work your butt off to pay for wasteful entitlement programs, fraudulent tax refunds for illegal aliens and crony capitalism projects like Solyndra and it adds up to more than you … Continue reading

#OUTRAGE – Illegal Alien Tax Fraud Part 2

If this doesn’t piss off every American taxpayer, I don’t know what the hell will. Illegal alien workers are filing US tax returns and claiming ‘Additional Child Tax Credits’. What’s so big about that? Oh – about $4BB a year of your tax dollars going back to people who are illegally in this country via … Continue reading

#OUTRAGE – IRS Fraud By Illegal Aliens

WTRH Channel 13 in Indianapolis has uncovered a blockbuster story that has been going on for years. There is a tax loophole being exploited by illegal aliens to the tune of $4 billion dollars a year. Not surprisingly, the IRS and Congress have known about it and done nothing. Congratulations Bob Segall on this monster … Continue reading

Love This Guy – @RickSantelli and Ostrich Economics

It’s time to wake up people. Start paying attention and spread the word. He’s right – we need to send a message about three weeks before Thanksgiving! @RickSantelli and Ostrich Economics on

Another $100 Billion

Congratulations America. You just woke up this morning to $15.7 trillion in debt. That’s $50k per citizen and $138k per taxpayer. The debt has grown by more than 50% since this date in 2008. See more at So do we have a revenue problem or a spending problem???

Fuel Tax Question

Just paid $132 for diesel at $3.94 per gallon in Texas. Does anyone have any idea how much I paid in taxes???

Be careful out there people

This has nothing to do with taxation but you really can’t make this shit up.