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Elections Have Consequences II

And the impact of 4 more years of higher taxes, union strong-arming, burdensome regulations and mandated universal health care continues: Denny’s to charge 5% ‘Obamacare surcharge’ and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation Texas Instruments cutting 1,700 jobs Hostess to layoff all 18,000 workers as Baker’s Union refuses 8% pay cut mandated … Continue reading

Elections Have Consequences

And a quickly mounting consequence of President Obama’s victory is businesses are starting to lay off workers in preparation of increased taxation – ObamaCare chief amongst them. Here are just a few: Employers Planning Massive Layoffs in Wake of Obama Re-election Utah Company Blames Obama for 102 Workers Laid Off Las Vegas Employer Fires 22 … Continue reading

Excellent Article From The Blaze On One Woman’s Tax Footprint

Kudos to Ms. Alice Scanlon of Dundalk, Maryland. A fiscally conservative woman after our own hearts, Ms. Scanlon has kept track of every single tax she’s paid this year. Income tax, sales tax, hidden tax, you name it. The more ‘We The People’ are aware of how much we pay in taxes, the more we … Continue reading