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Arrgghh! Phil – WTF???

Some things really tick us off and Political Correctness in the face of logic and reasoning may very well top the list.

Earlier this week, PGA Golfer Phil Mickelson expressed his rightful concern that higher taxes – federal and the state of California where he resides – will lead to some ‘drastic decisions’ in 2013. He then backtracks a day later and says that he ‘regrets making his feelings on the subject‘ public.

C’mon Phil! Stick to your guns – it’s about time that high income earners like yourself sound off on taxes. It’s about time we all wake up to the fact that higher taxes are NOT going to reduce our trillion dollar deficits, they are NOT going to improve our economy. In fact, they will lead to just the opposite.

Our elected officials on BOTH SIDES are morally and / or intellectually bankrupt. They are pandering to the masses who continue to re-elect career politicians whose actions are nothing more than attempts to get re-elected.

Sadly, their vacuous leadership is going to lead to our nation itself becoming bankrupt.


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