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Super Trump

Dear Friends and Family,

On the eve of Super Tuesday, I feel compelled to speak my mind. For those interested, please read on. It’s my opinion only and it’s not my place to tell you WHO to vote for. If for some reason you are interested, please write me and I’ll tell you who I’m voting for and why. But if you are thinking of casting a vote for @realDonaldTrump, I ask you to consider the following:

Most I’ve talked to, and most of those polled and interviewed, speak to the anger and frustration with DC as reason to back Trump. He’s an outsider. He’s not of the political class. He’s a successful business man and ‘can get things done’. I’m as fed up with the status quo and the feckless Republican leadership as anyone. Hello Mitch McConnell. Hello John Cornyn.

But at this point in the election cycle, we all too often get mired in the muck of the 24 hour news cycle and bogged down in the minutiae of personality. Most lose focus of what the job really entails. I will address the ‘Outsider / Businessman’ arguments below, but at the 50k foot level, I think it is important to reflect on what the job of the President really is – or at least what it’s supposed to be.

The Job of the President – See Article 2 of the US Constitution

The job of the president, as it’s defined in the Constitution is to:

  • Execute laws duly passed by Congress. It’s not to rule by fiat or with a Phone and a Pen and it’s not to direct the Justice Dept to ignore certain laws. We’ve seen enough of that over the last seven years, haven’t we?
  • To be the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. IMHO a calm and deferential temperament is an absolute pre-requisite here. It’s not to react to every criticism by calling critics ‘losers’, or skipping debates because one was treated ‘unfairly’ by Megyn Kelly.
  • To nominate Supreme Court Justices. This is CRITICAL in this election. Justice Scalia’s death has shed massive light on this. ObamaCare was passed 5-4 (with Roberts caving last minute). Two important 2nd Amendment cases just passed 5-4 in the last couple years. And with age of the current court (Ginsberg is 82, and Breyer, Kennedy are in their late 70’s and Thomas and Alito are post retirement age), this may be the single most important issue in this election.
  • There are other powers (granting pardons, making treaties [with advice and consent of Senate], appoint federal judges, ambassadors, etc… ) but for me the first three powers above, ahem ‘Trump’ the others. Please forgive me…

Trump’s policy claims, albeit they are still just sound bites and platitudes, seem to resonate. Build a Great Wall, make Mexico pay for it, bomb the schit out of ISIS, bring jobs back to the US, etc… They all sound great – IF HE MEANS IT. But what in Trump’s record makes you think he’ll do what he now ‘says’ he’ll do?

Trump the Politician – The Ultimate Insider

After all, he’s supported Democrats all his life. I haven’t.

He’s hailed Hillary Clinton as a ‘Great’ Secretary of State. I haven’t.

He’s supported Reid, Pelosi, Shumer, et al… I damn sure haven’t.

Yet he’s running on a platform as that of an ‘outsider’. Even though he’s run, or explored running, for president since 1988. And he’s not a politician? Seriously?

He’s benefited from working the political system his entire adult life. He’s been the direct recipient of the cesspool of corrupt politics throughout his career. He’s the ultimate insider.

And he’s done it all by LARGELY SUPPORTING DEMOCRAT POSITIONS. A pig can call himself a crow, but that doesn’t mean he can actually fly.

Trump the Business Man Who Can Get Things Done (The Lawsuits and the Scandals)

  • Trump University Scandal (details here) – are you aware he’s currently under lawsuit for massive fraud? He used the same language to promote a fraudulent university that he’s using to tell you he’ll ‘Make America Great Again’. Great businessman…
  • Trump Tower / Polish Illegal Scandal (details here) – are you aware he settled a massive lawsuit for employing 200 illegals to build Trump Tower?
  • Mafia Connections (details here) – does this concern you at all?
  • US Jobs (details here) – are you aware that he is currently employing foreigners to the tune of 20 to 1 at his hotel in Florida?
  • US Jobs (details here) – does it matter to you that while speaking about ‘bringing jobs back to the United States’ that he’s currently manufacturing a litany of goods in China and Mexico ??
  • Veterans Groups Still Waiting (details here) – and a HUGE coup de grace. Recall that when he so petulantly backed out of the Fox Iowa debate, and instead held a last-minute fund-raiser ‘for the troops’, are you aware that most of those funds have yet to be disbursed ?? Ask yourself how much money the self-proclaimed billionaire has donated to these groups heretofore??
  • Making Deals / Getting Things Done – does it matter to you that Jimmy Carter (here) and Harry Reid (here) have both said they’d be supportive of a Trump presidency? WTH does THAT say about Trump?
  • And then you need to ask yourself just how much the Dems have on this guy. How much is the medial holding back?

If you’re angry and frustrated with the current system, do you really want a life-long liberal nominating as many as 3-4 Supreme Court Justices in the next four years? Do you really want a personality such as Trump making deals with Democrat leadership for the next four years? Do you want his finger on the button?

For if you do, IMHO you’re not going to get an Outsider willing to buck the system. Rather you are going to get more of the status quo – with multiple lifetime Supreme Court appointees in the balance.

And worst of all, it will be a scandalous, duplicitous, petulant liberal at the head of the Republican party who will be giving it to us in shovels full.

If you agree, spread the word. At this point, a massive word of mouth effort may be the only thing that can derail the Super Trump Train.




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