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Super Trump

Dear Friends and Family, On the eve of Super Tuesday, I feel compelled to speak my mind. For those interested, please read on. It’s my opinion only and it’s not my place to tell you WHO to vote for. If for some reason you are interested, please write me and I’ll tell you who I’m … Continue reading

237 Years

237 years ago, some brave men on the east coast pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to stand up for liberty and spit in the face of tyranny. They banded together and battled the world’s most formidable army, the brutal elements and the doubt of those who blindly held steadfast in their support of … Continue reading

And The Wealth Tax Cometh – #CyprusDebacle

The latest shoe to drop in the EuroZone is the demand by the EU, ECB and the IMF that depositors on the island country of Cyprus pay for the systemic failure of the central bankers by leavying a ‘one-time wealth tax’ on bank accounts. This amounts to outright theft and further erodes consumer confidence in … Continue reading

And Tax Hikes In The US Having Similar Effect To Greece

On the heels of our report about Tax Hikes in Greece having the unintended consequences of REDUCING overall revenue, the New York Times is reporting similar consequences to the Payroll Tax Hikes here in the US. But, but, but if we raise taxes on the wealthy, won’t that solve all of our problems? Yeah right – … Continue reading

Imagine That – Tax Hikes Backfire On The Greeks

In what can only be described as Shock and Awe II, Greek politicrats were dumbfounded yesterday as reports came in showing that recent tax hikes did NOT raise expected state revenue. Instead, tax revenue in the economically bankrupt country fell by 16 percent in January. Our friends at ZeroHedge.com go on to state: tax revenues … Continue reading

More Upsidedown Land

From Uncle Remus at WoodpileReport.com: You know you live in a country run by idiots if you can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally, if you have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion, … Continue reading

Elections Have Consequences II

And the impact of 4 more years of higher taxes, union strong-arming, burdensome regulations and mandated universal health care continues: Denny’s to charge 5% ‘Obamacare surcharge’ and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation Texas Instruments cutting 1,700 jobs Hostess to layoff all 18,000 workers as Baker’s Union refuses 8% pay cut mandated … Continue reading

Elections Have Consequences

And a quickly mounting consequence of President Obama’s victory is businesses are starting to lay off workers in preparation of increased taxation – ObamaCare chief amongst them. Here are just a few: Employers Planning Massive Layoffs in Wake of Obama Re-election Utah Company Blames Obama for 102 Workers Laid Off Las Vegas Employer Fires 22 … Continue reading

Definitely Need to Get On This

Great new website: http://www.demandabudget.com/ Under Senator Harry Reid’s leadership, the US Senate has been derelict in its lawful duty to pass a budget every year. It’s now been more than 1,200 days since they have done so. It is yet another egregious example how the political elite believe that they are above the law. Harry Reid … Continue reading

ObamaCare Already Over Budget – And Growing

And it hasn’t even been implemented yet!  As being reported at Beltway Confidential, business owners will pay $4 billion more in taxes under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA)  than the Congressional Budget Office had previously expected. Go figure – and it’s only going to get worse. The thought of Nancy Pelosi and all the other … Continue reading