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And The Wealth Tax Cometh – #CyprusDebacle

The latest shoe to drop in the EuroZone is the demand by the EU, ECB and the IMF that depositors on the island country of Cyprus pay for the systemic failure of the central bankers by leavying a ‘one-time wealth tax’ on bank accounts. This amounts to outright theft and further erodes consumer confidence in … Continue reading

Some Not So Common Sense Coming Out of the Fed

Longtime critic of the status quo at the Fed, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, stated recently that he believes the nation’s finances are being severely mishandled by the U.S. government and the banking industry. In an article published yesterday on, Fisher goes on to say, “we cannot continue to do what we’ve … Continue reading

The Best Post I’ve Ever Seen About The Inevitability Of High Inflation

Deflation vs. Hyperinflation. The Fed is doing its best to stimulate the economy while trying to keep it from spinning out of control. Sadly, the evidence is mounting that it may soon start spinning into the nether sphere. Be it monetizing the debt or quantitive easing, or whatever you want to call it, the Fed … Continue reading