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237 Years

237 years ago, some brave men on the east coast pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to stand up for liberty and spit in the face of tyranny. They banded together and battled the world’s most formidable army, the brutal elements and the doubt of those who blindly held steadfast in their support of … Continue reading

Get Ready People – This Is A Harbinger Of Things To Come

Past performance does not always guarantee future results. At least that’s what they tell us in Finance 101. However, history does repeat itself. And as the rhetoric ramps up in the wake of the US presidential elections, talk of budget deficits and the exponentially growing national debt will be bandied about ad nauseum. When Democrats … Continue reading

Definitely Need to Get On This

Great new website:¬† Under Senator Harry Reid’s leadership, the US Senate has been derelict in its lawful duty to pass a budget every year. It’s now been more than 1,200 days since they have done so. It is yet another egregious example how the political elite believe that they are above the law. Harry Reid … Continue reading

Fedzilla Roars

Quoting an old Okie, “How much rice can a damn Chinaman eat?” It applies to our federal government and the profligate spenders in Congress. They just can’t get enough. See, Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook and originally citizen of Brazil, became a US citizen in 1998. But after graduating from Harvard, he moved to Singapore … Continue reading

Another $100 Billion

Congratulations America. You just woke up this morning to $15.7 trillion in debt. That’s $50k per citizen and $138k per taxpayer. The debt has grown by more than 50% since this date in 2008. See more at So do we have a revenue problem or a spending problem???

Happy Tax Day America

Today is the day most Americans are required to file their personal federal income tax return. Projections indicate the federal government will take in a total of 2.3 trillion dollars this year in tax receipts. They will then turn around and spend 3.6 trillion dollars on Social Services, Defense, Discretionary Spending (ahem, can you say … Continue reading

US House Passes Ryan Budget – Will The Senate EVER Do The Same???

The house today passed Congressman Paul Ryan’s latest budget by a count of 228-191. Votes fell largely along party lines with 10 republicans and all Democrats voting against. Of course, the Senate has yet to pass a single budget since President Obama took office so this is yet more political theatre. Majority Leader Harry Reid … Continue reading

Latest Democrat Budget Contains Trillions In New Taxes

Nevermind the Senate has not passed a budget (as required by law) in the last 800 days, the Congressional Progressive Caucus submitted their latest budget which prosposes to increase the American taxpayer burden by almost $5TT dollars. According to, it will be offered as an amendment to the House GOP budget for 2013. Go … Continue reading – Love This Website

The persona that is Tyler Durden is doing ‘his’ job to peel the onion that is our world economy. He’s not for the faint of heart but there you can find fascinating info here every day. Check it out if you haven’t already –